Real-Estate 3D Walkthrough

at the leading edge of real-estate photography

Our Interactive 3D Walkthroughs are the immediate future of real-estate photography. They enable clients to “feel” a property in a very realistic way that makes physical showings almost pointless.

Our process is quick and inexpensive, with a turnaround time of 24 hours.

This is what we deliver to REALTORS®: we make your life easier every time, and help you be different from your competitors.

First-time clients: Consult our Rate Card to see our offer for Interactive 3D Walkthroughs.

traditional photography services

Apart from interactive 3D photography, we offer traditional photography services for:

  • Residential, retail and office realty
  • Hotels rooms & commons
  • Corporate facilities & factories
  • Live events & concerts
  • Trade shows
  • Creative portraiture
  • Fleets & vehicles
  • Industrial and consumer products

Consult our Rate Card for photography work.


making a strong first impression

Our photography aims at helping you make a strong first impression.

When your website brings a powerful photo to your visitors, you win a big part of the fight: you keep them longer with you, reading your content.

Through our work on close to 3,000 hotel websites, we have proven over and over that impressive photos increase bookings. On the contrary, a real-estate listing shot by an amateur with a mobile phone make a poor first impression.

We treat each photo as if we had to sell the product ourselves.

a word about the head janitor

A graduate from the National School for Photography & Cinematography in Paris, my father was a pro photographer and an expert tester for Kodak. In 1977 he hired me for a summer job in his Parisian lab and I learned to develop Kodak E6 film on a pro bench in the darkroom.

This was also my first encounter with the magic world of manual photo retouching, where supermodels lost their pimples to gain a glistening sun tan under the expert brushes and inks of old school graphic artists. Way before Photoshop and digital photography.

Dad was a fan of Fritz Lang, Luis Buñuel, Ingmar Bergman and Antonioni. He dragged me to the ‘arts & essai‘ theaters of Paris. I became familiar with the dramatic beauty of black & white. My mother took care of the rest of my art education, making sure I would know the contributions of Rembrandt, Rubens, Vigée-Lebrun, David, Van Gogh, Monet and so on… to the long stream of art history.

I was certainly not an early bloomer. I waited to be 36 to buy my first camera, a Nikon Coolpix. Digital photography was up and coming, and I got hooked.

Some 17 years later, there is always a camera in  my luggage wherever I am in the world. For years, landscapes and architectural works were my favorite subjects. Then came machines and urban jungles. Then people and events. Eventually, portraiture.

Phil playing the dobro
Photo credit: Jim Martin Harris Photography
I believe photographs of objects and spaces should magnify their beauty. They should make viewers feel happier, even if only fleetingly. Portraiture ought to reveal the model's soul. And portraits of people of faith should stop viewers in their tracks and make them think about God.