Dr. Casey Treat

Dr. Casey Treat

Dr. Casey Treat is a reknown Christian author, and the shepherd of the Christian Faith Center, a mega-church in Seattle, WA.

His style of preaching is laid-back, and his message is centered around two main themes: the love of God, and the renewing of our mind.

This portrait was shot in the fellowship hall of Covenant Generations Church, in Tucson. The location was a make-shift sanctuary where parishioners took refuge when the roof of the church was ripped off by a microburst and the building was flooded. The conditions of the photoshoot were less than ideal, with very little space to move around, very direct lights, and a multitude of objects in the field of view.

The decision to opt for B&W from the original color shot was made when I started to retouch the colors: no matter how I was using the Lightroom brushes, the result was disappointing. Dr. Treat’s expression could not be rendered correctly with the clutter around. B&W enabled me to render his facial expression and the motion of his body in a dramatic way.

I used a high contrast filter but preserved the fine structure of the face to keep the character of the face intact, and used local adjustments in Silver Efex Pro to avoid darkening the leather jacket too much and lose interesting  details. I also applied a local brush adjustment to the left hand poiting upward, to reflect the same light falling on the face.