My Friend, Pastor Michael Gray

Pastor Michael Gray

My Friend, Pastor Michael Gray

Mike had organized a photo session for Dr. Jeff Love, the Senior Pastor of Alive Church, on La Cholla and Overton, in Tucson.

This session was divided in two parts and in the downtime between both, I reset my lights to shoot portraits. Mike came on stage and stood in the model chair. We didn’t take many shots, but this one stood out among the rest. It reflects both the benevolence and the sharp mind of my friend, the Pastor who brought me back to Christ.

We had talked about doing a B&W shoot for his business website. Hence the resulting B&W portrait.

Technicals of the photograph: The portrait was shot with a Canon telelens 70-200 mm, at f/8 and 500 ISO. I didn’t use any strobe but I had a continuous light. At the post-processing stage, the color original was brought down to B&W using a Lightroom preset (“Angel” by Presentual – Retrospec – Vol 2). I then treated the shot in Silver Efx Pro 2 to tweak the highlights and shadows (most notably, reduce the luminosity of the background), and give a light boost to the structure of the skin using the brush inside this plugin. Once back inside Lightroom, I ajusted the Clarity filter to get a sharper reflection on the glasses.

Gear: Canon 5D Mk II, Canon Telelens 70-200 mm, Lightroom