Gorgeous Townhouse in the Foothills

The word townhouse most often evokes a 2-story building with little personality, sharing walls with other identical buildings. Cookie-cutter, affordable family housing, with a garage on the first floor and a steep staircase leading to the family room. Well, this one is different.

First, the entrance foyer is topped by a kind of tower: a tall structure with a mission-style ceiling. The wood structure has been left apparent for the delight of the eye, and the 4 walls of this tower are adorned with vaulted windows after the Romanic style. Absolutely gorgeous.

Moving past the foyer, the visitor enters a very large center room which doubles up as family room, dining room and living room. It opens up on all other rooms, excepted a single bedroom with bathroom located on the most isolated side of the townhouse. This center room is truly the hub of this townhome. One of the great features of this room is its very high ceiling with apparent beams.

On the left of the central room, behind two tall glass doors, there probably was an open patio: it has since been covered with a coffered ceiling with recessed frosted plexiglas-like panels filtering the sunlight: this patio has become a room of its own, gorgeously luminous, with a brick floor. It is a quiet study room, a place where to take refuge and dive into a good book.

On the other side of the central room, the kitchen with a dome-shaped opening used to pass dishes to the dining room. It is not an open-floor concept; it’s a hub with rooms conveniently distributed around it and separated from it. The kitchen is organized around a island, and features granite countertops. It offsets its medium size with a well-organized flow and an outlet to a breakfast nook. Modern appliances are encased into a large number of cabinets. the breakfast nook itself is lit by a large French sliding door, opening on the front garden.

Across the central room from the kitchen, the master bedroom. Of generous dimensions, it is lit ‘a giorno‘ by a large window, a door with a glass panel, and the light coming through the recessed ceiling of the adjacent study room. In the corner, a kiva fireplace adds to the charm of the room. The rectangular master bath offers a full-size shower stall, 2 vanities on a long countertop, and a walk-in closet.

On the other side of the house, overlooking the front yard through a large 3-pane window, a double bedroom can serve as a guest suite with its own full bathroom and separate access. This bedroom is topped by a cathedral ceiling with apparent beam and carpentry work. The two palm trees in the front garden protect the privacy of the room.

Paved in bricks, the front yard is protected by an ornamented metal door topped by an arch and framed by two tall junipers. Very stylish.

In the backyard, the tall privacy wall has been covered by vines and other vegetation to create a very secluded space in which a family can spend relaxing time without being bothered by the neighbors. The sidewall of the house is also covered with vines, which gives this backyard a countryside character very atypical of Southern Arizona. Beyond the wall, the silhouette of the Catalina Mountains give this townhouse gorgeous views from the central living room and from the backyard.

Challenges for the photographer: Because it functions as a hub around which the townhouse is organized, and because of its high ceilings, the main room had to be photographed from all angles. Only then could the photoshoot give a full account of the space distribution of the townhouse, and of the sheer size of the central room. The study room (converted patio) had to be photographed from a lower angle to expand its appearance and do it justice. Lastly, the tower-like structure topping the foyer deserved a trick shot showing its architecture and salient points: I had to lie down on the floor and align my lens dead center on the lighting fixture to render its symmetry and height adequately.

This photographic mission was commissioned by Realtor® and long-time friend Kimberly Marohn of Tierra Antigua. She can be reached at (520) 429-8593.

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