Architect Home Midtown

Shooting an architect’s home is a golden opportunity for any architecture and real-estate photographer. Laurie Fitzgerald, Realtor® at Tierra Antigua, called me out of the blue and asked me to shoot a family listing: a ranch home built in the 1960s by a famous local architect.

This home breathes the period it was built in. More accurately,  it probably was 10 years ahead of its time when it was built as some of its features can be seen in early 1970s residential projects.

Its most striking element is its kitchen, with its angular geometry and clean, almost aseptic vibe: use of formica, abundance of 90° angles, brightness of the lighting coming from a wall of French doors and several skylights, a complete absence of knick-knacks, and cabinetry painted in a industrial-design color. Completely atypical for Tucson and, more generally, for kitchens of the era. Shot in B&W, this kitchen reminds me of the IBM mainframe rooms of the 60s.

By today’s standards, we would find the bedrooms too small and the bathrooms would have to be remodeled. But all the living areas, including the very large family room in the ‘vertical’ section of this L-shaped home are extremely well-lit and feel comfortable. Bring down some of the internal walls and this 50+ year old house would totally rock it in anybody’s eyes.

Outside, the architect respected the ranch home design style, with a typical 1960s car port and a wide, xeriscaped front yard bordered by a typical wild west fence. The architect also created a very nice side-yard area, with a patch of lawn shaded by mesquite trees.

The challenges offered to the photographer were the small bedrooms and the lack of light in some areas.

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