Stephen Bohn, Architect

Stephen Bohn is an old school architect, and I mean this with the deepest respect. He refuses to give up his brain matter to the computer, Autodesk and Sketch-Up. Instead, he drafts everything on a traditional drafting table with the tools of the trade: compass and square, fine-point pencils, eraser and slide ruler.

When we agreed to do a shoot and I discovered the work methods of Mr. Bohn, his office clad in wood and his cabinetry with its thin drawers, it was obvious the props would play a major role in the shoot.

The draftsman table is the central character of this scene: ‘she’ is the queen and the props are her servants. Mr. Bohn is the master of this demanding lady.

The light had to be yellowish to reflect the late nights spent working in this time capsule. With the exception of a small electronic calculator, everything in the shots is mechanical and organic.

At the post-processing stage, I used filters to highlight the hands of the master and underscore the lost art of hand-made architectural drawings.

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