Barrio Fashion Shoot

The mission was to produce 20 pictures of print quality to show a new line of biker leathers for the Renegade brand. We had a window of 4 hours, 5 models and about 60 leather jackets to shoot.

I picked the Barrio Brewery in Tucson as the shoot setting because of the rugged aesthetics of this well-known brewery: concrete, steel, hard wood and corrugated sheet metal. Perfect for a biker ‘lifestyle’ shoot.

Of the 5 models only 1 was a pro model, but 3 of them were real bikers. No need to fake attitude. We shot mainly indoors where I used 1 fill-in strobe to complement the natural lighting as some areas of the brewery are really dark.

At the post-processing stage, the work consisted in bringing out the leather and metal textures, and cropping the shots to focus on the models.

We had a ton of fun and the shoot ended up within budget and within the time frame allocated by Barrio Brewery. Many thanks to the General Manager.

Our client was happy with the shots and they have been used in several catalogs and websites since.

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