Renegade Classics, Sacramento (Interior shots )

Being the official photographer for a number of stores of the Renegade Classics chain, I have had to solve similar issues from store to store: space, height and color.

The philosophy of the Renegade Classics chain is to provide the motorcyclist community with a great alternative to expensive brands of clothing and bike accessories. This encompasses quality, price and quantity.

The typical Renegade Classics store is heavily inventoried. There is very little room to circulate around the racks, and every available space is used to display merchandise. This is a challenge when you need to shoot a full department (e.g. ‘Leathers’, or ‘Ladies’ Wear’) and individual racks (e.g. ‘Bargain Ts’)

Height and orientation of display is another issue, especially for 3D Walkthroughs: T-shirts are hanging on racks, and you can only shoot them from the side. Vests are displayed on 2 superimposed wall racks: the 3D walkthrough has to show both the top and the lower row items, which forces the photographer to shoot at two different heights.

Lastly, color is an issue as most Renegade Classics stores have grey high-traffic carpet on the floor, and products such as leathers and footware are mostly black. The challenge is to differentiate product racks on the shots, instead of ending with a “sea of black”.

This is the Sacramento store, one of the flagship stores of the brand.

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