Car Audio Install – Dodge Truck Cab

Another shiny example of an audio system installation by Bill Wyko and the Audio 2000 team. The work is spotless, the integration of the speakers in the plastic moldings perfect.

From the photographer’s perspective, the challenge during the photo session was to find focus points in a black environment with very little light to work with due to the cramped space behind the seats. For the dashboard shots, the challenge was what lied beyond the windshield.  I shot right outside the workshop, a non-studio environment with a lot of objects in sight. Working at a high sensitivity allowed me to white out the background objects and gather enough light inside the cabin.

I then decreased the temperature of the shots to give the trim a colder, cleaner look that matches well the general feel of the installation. Use the Clarity filter in Lightroom and a dark brush I erased some of the tone differences across the black plastic.

At the end of the post-processing stage, I spent quite some time cleaning up the white dust specks that had settled on the black plastic during the shoot. Difficult to see with the naked eye when shooting, these specks were all over the black areas. Painfully tedious removal process.

Gear: Canon EOS 5D Mk II, Canon lens 17-40 mm, Lightroom.


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