Car Audio Install – Massive Audio

My good friend and client Bill Wyko of Audio 2000, a car audio specialist located in mid-town Tucson, is a creative genius who, over a 30-year career in the car audio industry, invented countless ways of installing speakers in a car. He has design patents to his own name and successfully prevailed in a copyright infringement case with a big company that had stolen his designs and thought they could trample copyright laws. To paraphrase country singer Trace Atkins, “you gotta whoop a corporate a** sometimes“.

The Massive Audio system installed in this Chevy Tahoe integrates 4 subwoofers mounted on a wall behind the front seats as well as integrated door speakers. Four amps are installed on the back of the wall. The install is commanded through a tablet mounted on the dashboard. Bill and his team program their own installs for a sleek integration and smooth operation in the cockpit.

The challenge for the photographer is the lack of room available to shoot in the cockpit. We use wide-angle lenses to offset this constraint. The second challenge is the lighting and the shooting conditions. A car audio workshop is not a photo studio, and shoots happen at the shop more often than in a studio.

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