Joanne Haupert, Chiropractor

Dr. Joanne, as her patients call her, isn’t your garden variety chiropractor. She was trained in the technique of Network Spinal Analysis, a school of chiropractic that doesn’t think cracking patients’ backs and making vertebraes pop is a necessity.

Her type of chiropractic care works on energy and the motions of her hands does not look like any traditional practice. Hands became a topic of our photo session.

Portraiture of practitioners and professionals must be kept real, so Dr. Joanne actually worked on one of her patients during the shoot.

A Network Spinal Analysis session isn’t a fast race like a traditional chiro session. A third of the treatment time is spent evaluating the energy flows/field of the patient before and after each action. Another third is spent in very slow (almost static) actions. And the remaining third is made of short periods of rest, during which Dr. Joanne let the patient’s body adjust to what has just been done.

The photographer has to seize the opportunities offered during these periods of slow action. In retrospect, today I would shoot more photographs of Dr. Joanne observing her patient, without any action occurring.

The shoot included some views of Dr. Joanne in her cacti garden, in the back of the practice. This is the refuge where she lets go of the patients’ energy she accumulates during treatment. This energy isn’t necessarily clean.

The garden session allowed me to show the healer in communication with God’s creation, something very deeply integrated into her art.

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