Custom Home, Tanque Verde

I created this interactive 3D walkthrough after a first traditional photo shoot in this home. In both cases, I started the shoot late in the afternoon, around 4 pm, to benefit from the gorgeous east-west exposition.

It is easy to fall in love with this home. Its open floor plan offers a liberating sense of space accentuated by numerous windows and custom French doors, and by a high ceiling [in the living room] decorated with gorgeous wood beams.

The master bedroom is highlighted by a panoramic window and several smaller windows are positioned high in the back wall, as is the case of many traditional Arizonan custom homes.

This 3D Walkthrough was not without technical challenges, the main one being a narrow S-shaped hallway leading to the rooms. Ensconced between internal walls, the hallway offers very few bearings for the 3D camera.

Overall, a great shoot with a very attractive 3D Walkthrough.

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