Custom Villa in the Sin Vacas Area

This custom villa is exceptional in its features and situation. Located in the Sin Vacas (“without cows” in Spanish) neighborhood of Tucson, it benefits from a prime location in the Foothills: gorgeous mountain views, proximity from the shops of both the Foothills and the midtown areas, and a secluded neighborhood. The photoshoot was commissioned by Realtor® John Harings of Team Excelsior Associates with URESA.

This villa was custom-designed by the owner, with a view to reselling it. The owner has a long experience in designing custom homes, and this project is a major mansion.

From the outside, the house is tucked behind palm trees and other types of vegetation, with a large front yard that isolates it from the road. There is practically no traffic on this small private road, but the depth of the frontyard adds to the privacy of the property. In the back, the villa is protected from passerbys by a small wall and plenty of high bushes.

For the photographer, the interior is a delight: with a large expanse of travertine stone floors and slate tiling in the bathroom, the owner did not skimp on noble materials to make an impression. The bedrooms are nicely carpeted to give a warm feel. the house is gorgeously lit with natural light every where.

One of the main rooms of this custom villa is its living room, with ceiling-high windows looking over the front yard, a fireplace decorated with a white stone fascia, a vaulted cathedral ceiling with a central supporting beam, this room is simply majectic.

The kitchen features high-level cabinetry with a nice flow around a large island. Of note: a glass backsplash and black quartz countertops. The ceiling lighting fixtures includes hanging lamps and recessed spots. On one end of the kitchen, and relatively large pantry with an etched frosted glass door, and on the other end, the dining room which opens up on the pool deck though French windows.

The travertine hallway connects the two aisles of the villa. On the east side, the hallway ends with an alcove which serves as a dispaly area. On the left of the hallway, a large bedroom with two high floor-to-ceiling tinted panoramic windows overlooking the garden. This bedroom features a walk-in pantry, a majestic bathroom with a full-size shower stall and a full-size bathtub, all decked out in colorful slate.

On the west end of the mansion, 2 more bedrooms and an office that could easily be reconverted into a bedroom. One of the two bedrooms could easily become the master bedroom, as it is wide and has its own bathroom. There again, the owner did not skimp on fixtures, with upmarket glass sinks and faucets.

Outside, in the back of the property, the garden has been divided in 3 zones: an approach area extending from the French windows in the living room to the pool deck; a small platform with a spa and conversational features; and the pool itself with its deck and rocades. This is a garden to entertain many guests.

Challenges for the photographer: There are several possible photographic interpretations for this villa. It can be construed as an architectural piece, with its very symmetrical geometry, high ceilings and big volumes, its wide living areas and the noble materials used everywhere. It can also be viewed as a large family mansion with all the modern comforts and fixtures an affluent family could desire. My personal interpretation is the first one and this is the spirit of this photoshoot.

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