Holocaust History Center 3D tour

The Holocaust History Center of Tucson was created as a vision of Holocaust survivors and families, and other local businesses sympathizing with the project.

As the mission statement of the HHC states: “The Holocaust History Center at the Jewish History Museum is an educational institute dedicated to an ongoing examination of the Holocaust through the lived experiences of individuals who survived the war and later lived in Southern Arizona.”

The idea of creating a 3D virtual tour was hatched out with the architect of the Center, Thomas Saylen-Brown of SSBL, and the Executive Director of the Jewish History Museum, Bryan Davis. The virtual tour is an online communication tool that will help forward the educational mission of the HHC outside of its local footprint.

Over the coming months, it will be internally linked to video clips and photos to make it a completely immersive experience.

The challenges met by the virtual tour were the low-light situation of the HHC, and making sure that each section of the exhibition is photographed in 3D to become visible in the model. These challenges were successfully met, resulting in an exciting visual experience.

On the Holocaust History Center website, you can find the tour at this address: https://www.jewishhistorymuseum.org/holocaust-history-museum/

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