hog mob

Hog Mob is a collaborative movement born in a mission: use hip-hop and rap music to reach youth at risk and bring them the message of hope of the Gospel. The name Hog Mob is a label that groups many recording hip-hop artists who tour the U.S. and play in churches, festivals, revivals, etc.

This specific event was shot at Covenant Generations Church in Tucson, AZ. The headline artist, Sevin, was accompanied by 4 other hip-hop musicians and took over the altar area. The event was more than a concert: it was a full-size evangelical preach, wrapped up in hip-hop rhymes.

For the photograph, the challenge was to capture the artists in a shoot zone that is unevenly lit, with many low light areas. The artists were moving faster than a pastor would, so speed was always an issue. I shot without a flash.

In the end, the shoot was of uneven quality. Some of the photos encapsulate the vibe of the artists portrayed, many had to be discarded. This is a selection of the ones I like best.

Portraits, Professionals