Custom Home in Starr Pass

I did two shoots of this beautiful custom home. Perched on the side of a hill in Starr Pass, this home offer great views of the valley from its wide east-side patio. I was authorized by the owner to go on the roof to take shots of the valley (east), of the north side (Anklam Rd) and of the west side (hillside).

The main shoot was a 3D Walkthrough, also on this website. But whereas the 3D photo session took place around 3 pm, the photo session featured in this page took place from 6 pm to 9 pm to benefit from the golden hour light, then the dusk light.

I shot both single exposure and HDR to offer Jennifer, the listing agent, more flexibility in her choice of photos. My preference went to the single exposure shots, hers to the HDR shots.

luxury & custom
High-end real-estate, Home in Starr Pass