Ranch Home on Cloud Rd

Ranch homes are not the easiest to shoot, with their low ceilings and dark recesses. Hallways in ranch homes are often narrow and dimly lit, always a challenge for the REALTOR® during a visit.

In this case, the home is built in two aisles connected by a central hallway. On the left of the entrance door, all the rooms and office space. On the right side, the dining area, the kitchen and the family room.

3D Walkthroughs excel in giving a correct sense of space to viewers: looking at the model, they can preview the darker hallway on the left. When they visit the home for real, there is no surprise, it’s a familiar sight.

We brought the camera outside, on both sides of the house: under the porch at the entrance door, and into the enclosures in the back. Traditional photos complemented the work to show the 3 large backyards and their potential.

This 3D Walkthrough also leads from the kitchen into the garage. Traditional photography did not give viewers a clean sense of orientation in this area, and the 3D Walkthrough renders the full size of the 3-car garage more convincingly.

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