Industrial Facility in Nogales

This shoot was loads of fun. I was working for Solar Gain, a local solar company well-known for its engineering capability. They have a deep sense of mission to switch Southern Arizona out of the grid into solar. Roman Black, the company boss, founder the Green Chamber of Commerce of Tucson. True believers.

The industrial facility is Wilson Produce. The other structures are parking lot canopies shot in Tucson and Rio Rico, and residential installation with a large solar array.

Wilson Produce harvest and package fresh -farm produce in the region of Nogales, AZ. They went full bore to become a green business, and the main facility is entirely powered by solar, including the lifts!

The fun part of this shoot was to go up the flat roof and shoot the huge solar array that covers the entire length of the roof.  We needed to give a sense of how big the array was, so we climbed up the roof and positioned the camera between two rows of panels. We tried several other positions but one shot stood out from the others.

We also took several photos of the entire facility from a hill on the south side, and inside the facility. The photo with the lift at the charging stations is a testimony of how far the owners went to ensure their business was fully green.

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