Iron Man Car Show

This album is a selection of photographs shot at the Iron Man Car Show (Editions 1 & 2) held in Tucson, AZ. The show gathers several hot rod and vintage car clubs of Southern Arizona. The best contestants in each category win cash prizes, a feat which very few hot rod car shows offer in the region. We were commissioned by the event promoter to do the shoot.

This is a good example of how we can help you make your shows & events ‘print ready‘. All these photos were shot in high-resolution, and can be delivered to your printer in TIFF or JPEG formats. They also have been converted to web-friendly format, with lossless compression. In this album, none of the photos exceeds 400 KB. These can be featured on any website or blog, and inserted into press releases for use by online media. The high-resolution shots can also be used by print media.

As you will observe in this album, several of the shots have been ‘photoshoped’ to isolate the car from the background. The car is in color, the background in B&W. This processing makes the product pop out and these photographs can be made into posters, business cards, flyers or even artistic prints like giclees.

Note: All photographs are subject to copyright laws; please consult with us to understand the usage license you need and the photo credits that need to appear wherever the photographs are used.

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