Handlebars & Crash Bars

Motorcycle stock parts may be as sexy as a Communist utility truck. Bland. That’s why I jumped on my camera when my friend Greg Rice of Greg’s Custom Cycle Works in Clearwater, FL told me he had just released a whole new line of crash bars and handlebars.

I went to visit him and we did a shoot of his new production directly in his parking lot. Not the best place to shoot, with a lot of dirty puddles and tons of phone and electrical wires hanging in the air. Yeah, Florida…

But his handlebars and crash bars are something exciting for the biker community. First off, they are extremely well manufactured, with 1-inch DOM tubing (far more than the Chinese knock-offs) and tig welding. They are made in the United States of America, and they are guaranteed. On top of that, Greg offer them in powder-coated finish, raw steel finish and chrome.

In this series, I went bonkers on the post-processing to make sure the parts would stand out. Considering that a motorcycle is metal over metal, chrome over chrome, you can understand that making a relatively thin part stand out against a busy background of a similar texture isn’t exactly simple. Lots of close-ups, and lots of layer work.

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