Outdoor Photoshoot of an Estate in Oro Valley

This property was quick to sell. Less than a week after the photoshoot, the right buyer showed up and our friend Kynn Escalante of WeMoveTucson.com wrapped up the transaction. I was commissioned to shoot the exterior (front and back) and to create a 3D virtual tour using the Matterport camera.

We started with a couple of shots from the front terrasse, but rapidly went to the back to benefit from the best possible exposure. This mansion is tall, and we had only that much time before tall shadows would ruin the shots.

The photoshoot included long-distance shoots of Oro Valley,  Dove Mountain and a beautiful golf course down the hill, which I shot with a Canon 70-200 mm lens. Once these shots were bagged, I tackled the back terrasse featuring an overhang, an entertainment area with a BBQ, a spa and a large pool extending all the way to the back with gorgeous mountain views.

The back terrasse truly offers million-dollar views, and it is so large it can easily accommodate 30-40 guests. The house itself is very large too as can be seen in the 3D Virtual Tour.

Challenges for the photographer: As with any large home, a wide-angle lens will magnify the ‘spread’ but will also lose the house in the shot. Some cropping necessary. The Canon 70-200 f/2.8 is a great lens for distant scenes, and this shoot required that lens to get the valley down the hill.  As usual, a pool looks more interesting when the surface of the water is disturbed, something to remember each time we shoot a pool. The last challenge were the long shadows of the surrounding trees and of the house itself.

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