Pastor Scotty Gurulé

Certainly one of my most favorite portrait subjects.  Someone said that a portrait photographer should know his subjects: I have the privilege to have some insight into Pastor Scotty’s personality, having observed him preach 3 times a week for a couple of years, been married by him, and spent some time in fellowship with him around motorcycles.

Both the Senior Pastor of Covenant Generations Church in Tucson, and a sought-after itinerant minister who travels around the U.S. to spread the Gospel of Jesus-Christ, Pastor Scotty’s strong personality and conviction explode on his portraits. Probably one of the best compliments I received on a portrait of Pastor Scotty was: “This dude means it“. Yes he does, yes he does.

Pastor Scotty’s features make him an easy subject to photograph: although his appearance changed over time – from a jade black moustache and soul patch to a silver mane and prophetic beard – his demeanor and the expression of his eyes are most often fierce.

Our Pastor is genuinely friendly, yet it is hard to capture a moment of this benevolence when he preaches. ‘A man of fierce conviction‘ would probably describe accurately the way I portray him.

My work on Pastor Scotty is mainly done in the chiaroscuro style and in B&W.

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