Prophet Ruckins McKinley

Being part of an office celebrated by Prophet Ruckins McKinley is a transforming experience. The fact he is called “Prophet” by the Christian community says it all: the Holy Spirit uses him as a conduit to bring the Gospel and hope to people.

In my opinion, Prophet McKinley is a revivalist of the first order.

Photographing him in action is a feat. He has so many facial and body expressions and he truly doesn’t care what his face looks like at any moment during a preach. He pays no attention to his countenance, he does not calculate his moves, he is not guarded the least bit.

The challenge is the speed of his motions. His face bears the marks of passion, and it’s easy to find a spot to focus on. With Prophet McKinley I prefer to shoot in B&W to render in a faithful way the drama and intensity of his preaching.

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