Renegade Classics Store, Modesto, CA

This was the third 3D Walkthrough done for the Renegade Classics chain, and the common challenges of these stores have been ironed out.

  • Tight space between clothing racks
  • Merchandise displayed at 3 different heights (knee, chest, above eye level)
  • Uniformity in color (black leather over grey carpet)
  • Lack of symmetries in the luggage department
  • Need for straight lines in the helmet department

The shape and layout of the store allowed me to shoot in straight lines, back and forth, like a farmer plowing a field.

We obfuscated the cash register area to preserve a degree of confidentiality. Though we tried to shoot the outside of the store, the sun would not allow the camera infrared sensors to function properly. We had to leave these 360 shots aside, and focus only on the inside.

3d retail space
3 Dimensional