Renegade Classics Store, Tucson, AZ

This 3D Walkthrough was the first one done for the Renegade Classics chain. The Tucson store owner is an “early adopter”, always looking for the technologies that will push his store and brand in the limelight.

There were some technical challenges shooting this store:

  • The items are displayed at 3 different heights:  knee, chest, and above eye level
  • The space between clothing racks is tight
  • The helmets are displayed in long lines and these lines must be straight (or the department won’t look good in 3D).
  • The luggage department is a photographer’s nightmare because of a lack of symmetry and the variety of travel bag shapes

The shoot was done at two different heights to accommodate the first challenge. We staged the helmet department with great care and the result is good enough. Likewise, we staged the travel bag department to create symmetries.

Overall, this 3D Walkthough is a success. The owner decided to do another one once the store inventory has been revamped with the winter catalog.

3d retail space
3 Dimensional