Rev. Landon Schott

Reverend Landon Schott has an apostolic ministry: to turn the hearts of a generation towards God and to make Jesus famous. He flies a huge number of miles each year to bring an inspired Gospel to both believers and unbelievers. He is also a noted author, and his latest book ‘Gay Awareness‘ sheds a love-inspired biblical view on homosexuality.

From a technical standpoint, photographing ‘The Rev’ in action is no easy task. For one thing, he is very dynamic on stage. Fast motion and low light aren’t the easiest combination for the portraitist.

He is also very young and his face does not yet have the strong marks of age and pain that strenghten a portrait.

The work focuses on countenance and the expression of the eyes. The Rev has very clear eyes that communicate the intensity of his message. His gestures underscore his decisiveness and fighting spirit.

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