Single Family Home – ‘A’ Mountain

A very difficult shoot due to a complete lack of interesting features. An empty, low price subdivision home is a photographer’s nightmare: what feature can I highlight? How do I make this home just a little more attractive than it is in reality?

I decided to use the grey tones of the walls to render the nicely neutral feel of the house, and to shoot mostly from low angles to give a better sense of space. Empty spaces always feel tighter than when they are filled with objects.

I shot HDR but decided at the post-processing stage not to use HDR: the drawback with HDR is the quasi impossibility to control the uniformity of white balance from shot to shot. In this home, the walls and floors are identical everywhere. HDR was swinging the tones all over the scale, so I wound up using the best exposures and tweaking them in Adobe Lightroom to keep a neutral white balance. HDR was only used on the backyard shots. Shots of the front of the house are single-exposure.

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Low-end real-estate, Single Family Home - Behind A Mountain