Single-family home on Snyder Rd

This single family home, listed by Realtors® Dale Slaughter and Bill Nordbrock of Home Smart Realty, is a classic Tucsonan construction. Built on the heights of Tucson Foothills within the shadow of a ridge, it offers very nice views of the valley on the Tanque Verde side, as well as good mountain views from its north-oriented backyard.

Inside, it’s an open-space floor extending from the south-side kitchen through the dining space to the living room and into the very wide backyard. The highlight of the living room is its gas fireplace with a slate fascia. One notable feature is the textured concrete floor, a feat for any family home because it’s easy to maintain and requires very low maintenance.

As is the case of a lot of Tucson real-estate built from the late 80s to the early 2000s, the ceiling is slanted with an apex in the middle of the house. In the living room, several skylights bring a welcomed extra light throughout the day.

The bedrooms are distributed on both sides of the living room, with the master bedroom on one side. The backyard is spectacular, both in size and in views. The builder brought a gas pipe to a BBQ area on which a firepit was built.

Challenges for the photographer: the kids bedrooms were relatively narrow, and though shooting with a 17 mm Canon lens, I struggled to find a position for my tripod to avoid the “triangular look” (only one angle of the room is shot, which makes the room look smaller than it is). I actually had to shoot from inside the door frame to get maximum width without adding distorsion to the wide-angle lens. Another challenge was the master bathroom: the door was opening on the right side of the master bedroom, narrowing the angle of vision. After multiple tries, I lowered my tripod to vanity height and captures two angles and the main features. Though not visible on the shot, the second sink is ‘guessed’ from the length of the mirror and of the countertop.

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