Single Family Home – Tucson

In my experience, it is more difficult to shoot subdivision homes than custom homes. Subdivision homes are ‘utilitarian’ in design and there is no staging budget to spruce them up. Making them look good can be a challenge.

This one was no exception. Owned by a friend of mine in the Air Force, it was put on the market as the owner and his family were re-assigned to another base elsewhere in the country.  The assignment was to make the house look good enough that it would sell quickly.

The best features of this home are its large living room, its upstairs family room (very well lit) and its relatively spacious backyard. With 3 bedrooms, including one reconverted into an office, and 2 bathrooms this subdivision home did not boast many other attractive features.

The photo work consisted in shooting at the widest possible (but realistic) angles, highlighting  some of the darker areas, underscoring the wide backyard, and giving the whole house a warm and fuzzy vibe. I wound up shooting HDR in some areas, and using some glow at the post-processing stage.

The house sold within a month of its listing.

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