Swimming Pools

Swimming pools present several challenges to photographers. Except for raised pools, a pool is a ‘negative’ object: its volume is dug into the ground, there are few volumes which can serve as bearings for the camera. No outline against a sky. Swimming pools are also reflective surfaces: they take the color of the skies and their surface reflects the wind. A flat, oily surface isn’t very interesting to shoot.

The pool deck and the way the pool integrates into the architecture of the site become the primary focus of the camera. At dusk, if the pool is lit from within, we can play with the light to create more visual impact.

This gallery shows both commercial and private pools. One of the commercial pools is a new addition to the Hacienda del Sol resort, in Tucson. The other one is at the Ventana Golf & Raquet Club. The mountains and the stormy skies gave an interesting background to play with.

All these pools have been designed and built by Cimarron Circle Construction, the leading builder of luxury pools in Southern Arizona.

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