Tract Home in the Rancho Perdido Area

While in the Tucson area (in Phoenix and Vegas too) a lot of tract homes resemble a lot of other tract homes, some tract homes ‘feel’ different. That’s the impression I got stepping for the first time into this Rancho Perdido home, on a photoshoot commissioned by Realtor® Kimberly Marohn of Tierra Antigua.

The exterior of the home does not stand out much compared with the neighboring homes, but as soon as I passed the wrought-iron safety door, I felt like in a Key West home with a very private, nicely shaded ‘library’ room isolated from the outside by indoor wooden shutters (so-called Key West shutters). Contributing to this impression are the rounded door frames, which always remind me of the door frames of some homes in Firenze, Italy.

The library room connects to the kitchen through one of these rounded openings, and the kitchen connected to the dining space and the living room in a single wide-open floor space model.  A wall of windows opens up the space to the backyard and lets a lot of light in. This light is reflected by the white ceramic floor and the white carpet in the living room space. This contrasts very nicely with the more private feel of the library room.

Challenges for the photographer: The darker library room called for the use of speedlites to translate its privacy while taking care of the neighboring entrance door, bathed in direct sunlight. I avoid shooting HDR because of the lack of tone control in post-production. When you shoot HDR a scene in which bright outdoor light enters a shaded room, you wind up with all kinds of unnatural cyan/blue tones on the furniture and the floor, and these tones are very ugly. I prefer to shoot with speedlites and long exposures. Then I pull window exposures and blend exposures as needed in Photoshop, a technical my team and I pioneered in 2002-2003 when shooting hotel rooms in Paris.

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