Truck Fleets

Truck fleets have been part and parcel of the image projected by a corporation since the early days of the automobile. They serve as ubiquitous advertising billboards and they are also a ‘show of force‘. Have you ever thought “these guys are everywhere” after noticing the trucks of an HVAC or plumbing company in your streets 2-3 times in the same day?

Truck fleets are the cheapest advertising vehicle around, and this message has to be everywhere to keep a company name ‘top of mind’. Beyond their physical presence in our streets, truck fleets must be featured prominently on websites. In Tucson, companies like D&H Air Conditioning, Pioneer Plumbing and Arizona Tile & Grout Care have fully integrated this: their trucks have take a prominent place on their website.

In advertising, repetition works. Keep people aware of your name, colors, logo, mascot… and they may think of you when they need your services or products.

For the photographer, shooting a truck fleet is an opportunity to be creative: general shots of trucks parked in a herringbone pattern or bumper-to-bumper in a long line, or individual shots created from peculiar angles? In my book, anything goes as long as the shots project a ‘commanding presence‘ and show the identity of the business.

truck fleets
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