Speakers & Preachers

Photographing speakers and men of faith in action is a challenge for the portraitist. Conviction drives motion. Contrary to photographying a subject in a studio (controlled shooting and lighting, subdued emotions), taking shots of a speaker in real action on stage or at the altar reqsuires timing. Our subjects are rarely still, they move in and out of the light. Photo journalists also work in these types of circumstances.

As a photographer I believe that my work should procure viewers a fleeting instant of positiveness. I prefer not to shoot desperation and ruin. This is in part why I love to photograph men of faith. Their message mostly stirs up positive emotions in others, and their faces usually reflect this mindset. The face of a preacher talking about God gives a viewer an opportunity to think.

My portraiture work can be divided in 3 styles: upper body shots, Rembrandt-style portraits and portraits using the chiaroscuro technique. All 3 styles in color and B&W.