Rev. Landon Schott Preaching

Rev. Landon Schott preaching

Rev. Landon Schott Preaching

This portrait of Rev. Landon Schott is more a B&W shot with a sepia tinge than a pure chiaroscuro, but I include it in this category because of the contrast obtained by blackening all the shadow areas and the presence of a secondary source of light in the background.

Chiaroscuro was a portrait technique designed to emphasize the character of the subject. ‘Tenebrism‘ added drama to the original technique. This portrait is more in the vein of tenebrism.

In this photograph, the model is obviously lost in a passionate moment. Removing the background and all other distractions from the shot enables the eye to focus on the expression composed by the face and the motion of the arm. This contrast heightens intensity, which is what both chiaroscuro and tenebrism aimed at.

I also think this photograph is not unlike a stenciled graffiti where missing form elements are suggested and completed by the brain.

I have a pure B&W version of the portrait, but I like the sanguine tinge left in the highlights of this version.

Equipment:  Canon EOS 5D MkII, Canon telelens 70-200. Post-processing in Lightroom.